The European Union has introduced significant regulations in the Waste Management process. The purpose is to turn waste into a resource and diminish the negative impact on the environment. As a result, most EU countries have introduced new selective recycle policies which demand entities to place color coded recycle bins. Because most of the time these Policies are applied in a hurry, companies use plane bins that are opposite to the office surroundings, providing an unprofessional aspect.

Binsignia® recycling bins are designed with style and are company-oriented. They are made of stainless steel, coated metal, or treated wood that certifies the high-quality of our products.

The modern and contemporary design of our recycle bins and litter bins can fit all possible setups: schools, parks, industrial business areas, urban areas, offices and so on.  Our products can be customised according to our client’s needs to achieve the desired aesthetics.

Binsignia® aims to help its customers to regain the harmony of their working environment and provide a new and stylish appearance.


Worldwide shipping and international delivery.


Our products are fully customizable in terms of dimensions and colors.

Real Bins Gallery

Some of our color coded recycle bins / recycle stations / multiple compartments bins as they were seen immediately after production or in their environment.