The Waste Management process in the European Union has been significantly regulated with the objective of transforming waste into a valuable resource and minimizing its adverse impact on the environment. Consequently, many EU countries have implemented new selective recycling policies that mandate the use of color-coded recycling bins. However, due to the often rushed implementation of these policies, companies tend to use plain bins that clash with the office surroundings, presenting an unprofessional appearance.

Binsignia® addresses this issue by offering recycling bins designed with style and tailored to the specific needs of each company. Our bins are constructed from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, coated metal, or treated wood, ensuring durability and a polished aesthetic.

The contemporary design of our recycle bins and litter bins makes them suitable for various settings, including schools, parks, industrial areas, urban spaces, and offices. We provide customization options to meet our clients’ aesthetic preferences and seamlessly integrate our products into their environments.

Binsignia® is committed to assisting customers in restoring harmony to their workspaces and enhancing their overall appearance with our modern and stylish recycling solutions.


Worldwide shipping and international delivery.


Our products are fully customizable in terms of dimensions and colors.

Real Bins Gallery

Some of our color coded recycle bins / recycle stations / multiple compartments bins as they were seen immediately after production or in their environment.