PISCO SST modern stainless steel recycling station

Genius recycling bin

Product material: Stainless steel
Lids color: Any color from RAL color spectrum (www.ralcolor.com)
Stickers/ Labels for a proper recycling system, such as Plastic/ Metal, Paper, Glass, Waste/ General Waste
Standard sizes: 35L; 60L; 100L (custom sizes available upon request)

Set dimensions (WxdxH):

  • 2x35L: 53x26x100 cm
  • 2x60L: 65x32x115 cm
  • 2x100L: 79x39x130 cm
  • 3x35L: 79x26x100cm
  • 3x60L: 97x32x115 cm
  • 3x100L: 118x39x130 cm
  • 4x35L: 105x26x100 cm
  • 4x60L: 129x32x115 cm
  • 4x100L: 157x39x130 cm

Product features:

  • Inner rings for supporting the trash bags
  • Flippable top lid
  • Removable top lid for easy trash removal
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (except for extreme or aggressive environments such as coastal areas or highly polluted places)

Product customization available: size, no of bins in a set, color coding, labeling etc.

How to order/ Prices: Please send your inquiry at info@binsignia.com

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Genius stainless steel recycle bin

Proper recycling bins helps you maintain clean the space in your office by providing places to properly dispose of waste. 

Therefore, PISCO SST it’s one of the best choices when it comes for collecting the trash properly.


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