ZENIPOLE SST Elevate your space, simplify your waste!

Elevate your space, simplify your waste!

Product material: Stainless steel
Standard sizes: 30L (custom sizes available upon request)

Dimensions (WxdxH):

  • 1x30L: 30x20x68 cm

Product features:

  • Inner rings for supporting the trash bags
  • Removable slide top lid
  • Suitable for outdoor use (except for extreme or aggressive environments such as coastal areas or highly polluted places)

Product customization available: size, no of bins in a set, color coding, labeling etc.

How to order/ Price request: Please send your inquiry at info@binsignia.com

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Elevate your space, simplify your waste!

Meet the ZENIPOLE SST Bin: the future of streamlined urban waste management. With its sleek, space-saving design, the ZENIPOLE SST is custom-built to affix seamlessly to city poles, offering a clutter-free solution to litter. Crafted with high-quality materials, it’s resilient enough to withstand the elements while offering a sophisticated touch to any streetscape. The ZENIPOLE SST features a smart, slanted top with a permanent open slot that allows for easy, no-touch disposal, enhancing sanitation and convenience. Ideal for contemporary city life, the ZENIPOLE SST Bin is a stylish, functional asset for any public space committed to maintaining cleanliness and promoting environmental responsibility.


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